“Humanities are about critical thinking, a priceless expertise.”

My name is Zazie, I study Philosophy and I’m 23 years old. One of the reasons I became a council assistant this year is because I was frustrated by the amount of privacy violations I encountered during my studies. I refused to hand in my papers through Turnitin, but I also wanted to make a difference for other students. And that’s why I hope to be elected this year; I want to continue to fight for (the privacy of) students. At the moment the UvA is implementing proctoring and I am fighting that in every possible way. We need to make sure that temporary online education will not replace physical education!

I am proud of the critical view we learn to use in humanities. This critical view shows why council work is so important; there is still so much to improve and change in our faculty. I would like to commit myself to stronger program committees, a more diverse curriculum, a sustainable university and the privacy of students!