My name is Thijs de Lange and I am 22 years old. At this moment, I am finishing my bachelor Dutch Language and Communication, and next year I will end my BA French. The corona crisis that we are finding ourselves in touches everybody. We are missing our social contacts, we cannot go out for a drink or for a concert and life in general is more monotone. For the UvA as an institution that offers education, this crisis has accelerated the digitalisation of our education. I think that in this regard, the crisis teaches us something. Does education always have to be physical? Could education be more flexible? As a language student, I know how important a face to face setting is: only in this way, you can learn from each other while learning a language. At the same time, digital education can make education more accessible for students with a disability. As a community, we need to investigate how we could be more inclusive in this regard. I would really like to learn what your opinion is about this.