“For a faculty who sees you for what YOU are”

Hello! My name is Subhasree Choudhury and I study Media and Information at UvA. I’m 19 years old and was born in India but I’ve lived most of my life in the UAE. My whole life has been spent around people that had differences from me in the way we looked, spoke and lived, however despite these differences we found true friendship,which is why I believe I would do justice to the cause of diversity and internationalization at the University of Amsterdam. However I strongly advocate against the anglicization of courses just for monetary benefit when it doesn’t add to the academic value, since doing this dilutes the spirit of education at the UvA. Mental health support is another cause that has significant personal importance,and I promise to actively work to broaden accessibility to the students who reach out for help, all I ask in return is a chance to do so.