“Our society and university can use some critical humanity students”

At first sight, the Faculty seems to be an elusive bureaucratic snake pit with different players and many interests. Nevertheless, despite my initial skepticism, I have discovered that you can actually achieve things in the Faculty Student Council (FSR). You can achieve a lot by consulting with the dean. Unfortunately, it has become clear that good consultation is sometimes not enough. Then you have to solve problems in other ways, for example by applying for mediation, submitting a dispute or by actively going against the dean. Although the council does have an influence, the directors sometimes need to be reminded of this fact. Once again I want to fight in the FSR for the influence of employee participation and student participation. I want to fight for democratically elected programme directors and more influence for students in the content of the curriculum. I want to fight for direct participation of students in UvA policy. Because let’s be honest; both society and the University can use some critical humanities scientists.