“Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will.”

― Romain Rolland

Hi! I am Gabriel Sojo. I am 24. I was born and raised in Venezuela where I studied Philosophy. I am currently studying Literary and Cultural Analysis. My goal in the next year of the student council is to work on making visible the Humanities as a strong force of change. I want to see Humanities leading the University on matters of sustainability and the diversification of the curricula. Which means radically improving the superficial compromise the University has with the environment, and seeing to the protection and decolonization of the existing programs in the FGw. I oppose the mindless expansion of more business friendly programs and the creation of new BA’s in the FGw that undermine depth and critical thinking. Lastly I would love to see students participating in all these changes and all the changes they want to see, by making the voice of the Student Council louder and more diverse.