“For a faculty, where everyone is welcomed”

Every year, humanities open its doors to more and more international/non-Dutch students. With all respect to the hardship of the situation, we are feeling alienated and invisible to the authorities. Although I came to this university in 2017, I still feel not understood.

Now, I am in Literary and Cultural Analysis, which helped me see the fatal condition that our faculty is in. This faculty should stand as an example to others, especially in this time of struggle against corporatization of our university. It is important to channel everyone’s voices, when we are fighting for our fundamental rights. Budget cuts cannot be discussed behind closed doors, and students’ opinion has to be valued.

I don’t want UvA to be another cruel institution, where people do not feel welcomed at. From visibility of people of color to gender equality, and from green environment to queer agenda! I want to be part of a faculty, where issue of exclusion is not on the table anymore. Our faculty can be diverse, and will be when our voices are heard. I promise to represent everyone and anyone in the council regardless of their gender, sexuality, skin color, and nationality. A better faculty is possible.