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“Together for quality!”

My name is Maarten van Campenhout, I am 22 years old and a third year BA student of European Studies. I am known as a critical but enthusiastic student who is eager to be involved in finding ways of enhancing our education and university life in general. Therefor I am also a student member and vice-chair of my study program’s Board of Studies. This year I am a so called ‘lijstduwer’ for TOF, because the last couple of years TOF has proved it is capable to play an important role in the faculty’s politics with it’s solid, temperate and critical attitude, always putting central the student’s interest. In dynamic times, in which a lot is changing at the university, it is important to have a student party which has the necessary experience and knowledge in order to represent the interests of the entire student population as good as possible. TOF is such a party, therefore I am endorsing them in the campaign.