Get to know TOF borrel

The academic year is in full swing and many new boards have already been or are being presented. TOF now also has a new board and would like to introduce this to you. In addition, TOF would like to meet you! That is why we invite all students, study associations and program committees of the Faculty of Humanities to come and have a drink with us.

TOF is the largest student party at the Faculty of Humanities and, moreover, currently the only decentralized party. This means that TOF participates in the faculty student council elections in order to obtain seats in the Faculty Student Council of the Faculty of Humanities (FSR FGw). With the newly announced cuts, the new TOF group is facing a very exciting and defining year. How will this year’s different specializations go? What choices must be made in the cuts? How does the faculty deal with functional limitations? And how will the move to the City Center Campus go? If you find such questions interesting, do not know what these questions or the student council and TOF mean at all, or just enjoy having a drink with us on Tuesday evening, then come along!

WHAT: TOF introduction drink
WHEN: October 9, 8 p.m.