Author: Melle Koletzki

List of Candidates 2018

TOF proudly presents the election list for the student council elections from 14 to 18 May 2018: 1. Roeland Voorbergen 2. Thirza Tiel 3. Tjibbe Valkenburg 4. Lara Scipio 5. Nuria Zantman 6. Loekie van DintherContinue reading

Vote for TOF now!

The elections for the Faculty Student Council are open from this Wednesday until next Tuesday! You can vote at! Feel free to ask us any questions this week! We can be found at P.C.Continue reading

Get to know TOF borrel

The academic year is in full swing and many new boards have already been or are being presented. TOF now also has a new board and would like to introduce this to you. In addition,Continue reading