TOF believes that it is important that all of the students and employees of the University of Amsterdam get the opportunity to follow the developments and issues of the university and faculty in a decent way, language shouldn’t be a barrier. In order to motivate non-Dutch students and employees to participate in the policy making of the university, TOF also offers their program in English.

We at TOF stand for a critical, qualitative and decentralized Faculty of Humanities (FGw). As the largest student party at the Faculty of Humanities, TOF is committed to preserve the unique nature of the humanities and the quality of education. That is why we do not focus on central policy, but only on our faculty.

For the quality of education, it is important that matters about education are arranged as locally as possible. Then the responsibility lies not only with the experts within a program, but also the intrinsic nature of every course is guaranteed. By means of a strong and solid foundation we always want to enter into a debate with the directors of the faculty.


TOF was founded by a number of council members from the Faculty Student Council of the year 2014-2015. The year of the profile revision and the occupation of the Bunge and the Maagdenhuis. As councilors, we have been part of the discussion from the beginning. Not only with directors but also with the Central Student Council (CSR) and our then parties. Those discussions have opened our eyes.

The sound of the Faculty of Humanities was not announced enough in other areas than our own faculty. Our interests were not represented by the CSR, sometimes it was just the opposite: we had to defend ourselves against the CSR as if it were the Executive Board. In January, the situation reached its boiling point when, again with the threatening approval of the CSR, power from the faculties went to the Executive Board. After a heated discussion, it became clear to us that things must change not only at the UvA but also within employee participation.

That is why we have established TOF. TOF is a faculty party that fights for decentralization and for the elimination of efficiency thinking at the Faculty of Humanities.